What People Are Saying

"ICI creates a wonderfully positive environment for its clients by being dedicated to improving their lives through responsiveness to individual need and treating them with the utmost kindness and respect. ICI is where the 'Golden Rule' prevails. "

Tim & Ann Chimieleski

"ICI does a great job adapting their program to fit the clients they serve! We appreciate everything you do and that it is done in a cheerful, happy manner!"

Ed & Dorothy Leuthner

"I think all of you (ICI staff) do a remarkable job at ICI and my son is very lucky to have all of you. He has changed so much through the years and he is much happier and more content than he used to be. Thank you for everything you do!"

Donna Harrison

"Sometime back in October-November, the ICI staff helped my sister make a phone call to me. She left a message, "I love you." I was having a bad day and it lifted my spirits so much. Thank you for helping her make a phone call."

Nancy Turner