Employment Opportunities

Creating Opportunities for
People With Special Needs

The type of training that is conducted includes a wide range of activities ranging from completing the most basic daily routines such as using the bathroom to teaching the skills related to job development and retention. Community activities are facilitated as well as paid work. The use of adaptive equipment is extensive and used for a variety of functions such as eating utensils and physical therapy activities. The ultimate goal of the agency as stated in its mission is to promote independence and encourage community involvement.

Services Available

The following services are or will be made available but are subject to change as needed on any individual basis:

1. Physical Therapy: Because many of the consumers have physical challenges, physical therapy consultation is made available through consultation with a Registered Physical Therapist. Consumers will be provided with a variety of program recommendations and follow through for maintaining and improving their physical health.

2. Occupational Therapy: The sensory and fine motor needs of the consumers are addressed through consultation with a Registered Occupational Therapist. These consulting services are also utilized for consumer program recommendations and staff training.