Community Integration

It is our goal to initiate and execute community inclusive activities to increase consumers exposure to community resources and events. Each consumer then has more specific goals that relate to his or her abilities and individual service plans to accomplish these broad-based project goals.

In addition to attending activities and events in the community, the individuals are also able to participate in volunteer opportunities as well.

Activities include fun things to do such as play mini-golf or go for a hike at Lake George, but they also include opportunities to learn valuable life skills such as going shopping at a local grocery store.

Participation in community activities helps teach appropriate social skills in real-life situations. It also promotes the development of friendships with people other than care-givers. These are the building blocks of the development interpersonal relationships that are important to people of all abilities.

Right: Social inclusion touring KCLD.

Top: Generation's consumers enjoy an afternoon outing at St. John's University.