Business Opportunities

Indepence Center, Inc. can provide a supported employment crew to complete work at a business location. Currently, ICI completes janitorial, packaging, assembly and collating jobs for local buinessines.

ICI also completes projects that are outsourced to our center. We have  worked on shredding, assembly, packaging, collating and recycling at our in-house program

If you're interested in working with Independence Center, Inc, please  contact us today.

"Independence Center has been working with Performance Seed for a number of years. They perform a number of activities for us. They assemble and fill wildbird feeders, they seal and fill seed boxes and they sticker out of date seed packages. Independence Center has always been a reliable and courteous business partner. We recommend their services without reservation."

Sheldon Sturgis - Performance Seed

"Independence Center did a fast, efficient and thorough job. That's why I'm a repeat customer."

Dale Nelson — Liberty Savings Bank

"The ICI employees are reliable and dependable."

Pam Schindele - Northern States Supply